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18 December 2015 – The Northwest Railway Museum runs an annual Santa Train.  This is our second year taking the trip and the kids LOVE it.  It has become a new family tradition.

This year, before the train we first made a pop culture pilgrimage by having lunch at Twedes Café, the fictional Double R Café in the 90’s TV series, Twin Peaks.  We enjoyed the Christmas Waffles (colored green and topped with M&Ms) and the famous Cherry Pie.

After lunch we boarded an antique train in North Bend and sang Christmas carols and shared Christmas stories while rattling along the tracks south to Snoqualmie.  The trip takes about 25 minutes.

Once at the Snoqualmie station we first visited Santa where the kids shared with him their Christmas lists and had a short conversation before receiving wooden train whistles.


Sherrie, Giuliana (1), Isabella (7), Aurelia (4), and Lucas (4) visit with Santa in 2015

Then we visited the 40s Army troop train car where they were baking cooking (in a 40s coal oven) and serving hot chocolate.  Aurelia accidentally spilled her drink but they had mops on hand for just an occasion – not the first spill there 🙂

Afterwards we got back on the train and headed back towards North Bend to conclude our evening.  It was highly enjoyable for everyone and recommended for anyone in the Seattle-area.