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20 December 2015 – After a snow-less winter so far we headed up into the mountains for some proper winter exposure.  We bundled the kids up, packed up the sleds, and headed into the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and towards Mt. Rainier National Park.  This is near some of our favorite hikes.  State route 410 was closed at the park entrance, but the road to Crystal Mountain was open and we headed into elevation for deeper snow.

Just down from the resort area we found a decent place to park across the road from a good sledding hill.  The hill was obviously a well-used sledding spot given the packed snow and a small snow jump.  But, while we were there only a few other families showed up – maybe it was the ‘no sledding’ sign which kept the crowds down 🙂

The kids grabbed their sleds and headed up the hill.  For the first runs Sherrie stayed below to stop the kids from going too far and Sergio was on top helping the kids get on the sled before it slid out from under them.  Isabella (7) and Aurelia (4) loved going together, hitting the jump a couple of times.  Lucas (6) loved to go down by himself, but didn’t want to go too high up the hill.

Giuliana (1) didn’t care too much for the snow.  At first she wanted to get down with the other kids and play in the snow, but after a couple of minutes of feeling the cold snow on her hands (she wouldn’t keep her gloves on) and sinking waist-deep into the snow.  However, she went sledding down with both Sergio and Sherrie but didn’t seem to care too much either way.  She spent most of the time in the ergo keeping Sherrie’s back warm 🙂

After an hour the kids were tired and sledding and spent the time playing in the deep unpacked snow building snow castles and trying (unsuccessfully) to build a snowman.  In the end everyone loved the adventure and wanted to go back again in the future.  Living only an hour from the mountains has its advantages in the winter – and the summer!


Sergio, Giuliana (1), Aurelia (4), Sherrie, Lucas (6), and Isabella (7) enjoying the snow!