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07 May 2015 (Day 2) – While the time change hit pretty hard and the kids were up before 6am, it didn’t defer our spirit.  After a morning nap for Giuliana we headed someplace special: where Sherrie and I told my brother Dante that we were going to have our first child, Isabella.  We waited many more months before telling anyone else and Dante dutifully kept our secret.  The location was Cholo’s Mexican.

Lunch at Cholos

Lunch at Cholos

After lunch I picked up some Hawaiian coffee at a nearby roaster and, of course, we were off to the beach! While driving along the coast looking for a spot to stop and swim I spotted the low-tide at Shark’s Cove – perfect for the kids to go into the tide pools and enjoy the sea life.

Sherrie and Isabella headed out into the lagoon and spotted some eel, puffer fish, and many other kinds of sea life.  I stayed in the shallow pools with Lucas, Aurelia, and Giuliana where there was plenty to enjoy with a variety of crabs, fish, and sea cucumbers about the mixture of sandy and rocky pools.

Lucas, Isabella, and Aurelia at Shark's Cove

Lucas, Isabella, and Aurelia at Shark’s Cove

Shark's Cove Bubble Snail Shell

Shark’s Cove Bubble Snail Shell

Lucas at Shark's Cove

Lucas at Shark’s Cove

Giuliana at Shark's Cove

Giuliana at Shark’s Cove

After several hours at Shark’s Cove we were hungry for dinner, and so we headed to the iconic Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck just up the road for some world-famous scampi.  Unfortunately, I was the only one who enjoyed it – but Sherrie picked up some Thai at a nearby truck so all was well 🙂

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

With our bellies full we headed back towards the leeward side of Oahu but made one last stop – at Turtle Beach.  It was about an hour to sunset and while the location is not great for swimming it is world class green sea turtle watching as they munch the algae growing off the rocks just beyond the surf.  You can see their large bodies as dark silhouettes in the waves and watch as their heads and fins pop above water.  There were dozens.  The kids loved it and yelled out, “TURTLE,” every time they saw one.  The site itself is not great for swimming given the rocks, but the kids found a way to make it work by laying on the sand and letting the waves crash over them.  We stayed there and watched the sunset over the ocean.

Sunset at Turtle Beach

Sunset at Turtle Beach