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4 March 2017 – Grants Pass, OR

Sergio woke me up bright and early Saturday morning – accent on early (6:30 AM is brutal for this lady) – with a smile and cheerily asked, “Are you ready to go camping?!”  After taking what I fear to be the last long and hot shower for a while (yes, there is a shower in the trailer but only 5 minutes’ worth of hot water), we frantically loaded all the last items in the car, bolted up the house, ran keys to friends and neighbors, and waved goodbye.

Our first stop was the Battle Ground, Washington rest area where we met my family for Rocky’s Pizza and a quick goodbye peek at our new “rig.”  We’re learning the lingo already.  J  Then we hit the road again with our first destination plugged into Waze: Grant’s Pass, Oregon.  The trip was estimated to take 7 hours, 20 minutes but you know, kids.  And also RV.  So a zillion of potty stops, not to mention gas fill-ups (hello, average 12.5 mi/gal fuel efficiency while towing!), and a Taco Bell run for dinner, we ended up towing for the first time ever in the dark.  And the snow.  In construction.  But you know, it’s cool, it’s all part of the adventure!  We both drove and learned how to use the towing brake and figured out lane changes and how not to bust a tire on a curb.  We pulled into the Grant’s Pass KOA with minutes to spare as the office closed at 8:30 PM.  They took pity on the newbies and moved us into a bigger pull through the lot by the office where we basically could just pull in and out without any maneuvering.  Yay!

Sergio and I began going through our checklist, which included a million things, like: lowering the post, setting out the stabilizer jack blocks and lowering those, putting out the tire chocks, setting up the drinking water hose with the L joint, water filter, and pressure regulator, and setting up the electrical plug with the power conditioner and hooking it up.  Did I mention it was dark and snowing?  We got all the outside stuff done in about 20 minutes since we decided to leave the trailer hitched.  We extended the single slide out, turned on the furnace to heat up the ice box, turned on the water heater, and prayed to the RV camping gods that we did everything right, and we wouldn’t roll away or blow up in the middle of the night.

The kids tornadoed into the trailer, and we eventually managed to wrangle them into pajamas and bribe them into bed.  We finally got them quiet and possibly asleep around 10:30 and were just drifting off to sleep when I tried to turn on my heating blanket and realized hey, we no longer have electricity flowing.  The interior lights can work off the battery, but the outlets do not function if the RV isn’t plugged in.  That’s probably a good thing.  Sergio had realized earlier that something was wrong when the kids OK to Wake clock suddenly lost power but chocked it up to an issue with the clock.  The heating blanket definitely tipped us off to another problem.  Serg buttoned back up and went outside to find the power conditioner had actually fallen off the hookup post, so the fix was very simple.  Sweet, sweet blanket heat followed, and we collapsed quickly into dreamland.