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11 June 2016 – We spent most of the day driving south from Portland towards California.  Having never seen Crater Lake and having the opportunity we decided to stop by.

The park opened not too long ago and tall snow banks were all around. All of the trails still closed.  However, having the opportunity to see the lake was enough.

The lake was beautiful – an unimaginable blue.  Clear enough to see the lake bottom contours from hundreds of feet above while standing on the rim.

Wizard Island was dusted in snow but the evergreens still gave it a green and brown hue.

Crater Lake from the East Rim

We spent about 90 minutes on the lake rim walking around the snow-cleared walkway and the visitors center.

Crater Lake and Wizard Island from Visitors Center

A 2 hour more drive south took us to Jacksonville, OR outside Medford for German cuisine before retiring to Grants Pass.