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The so-called “Venice of the Cotswolds” Bourton-on-the-Water is a picturesque Cotswold village only 40 minutes from Cheltenham situated on the River Windrush with several low stone bridges crossing the river.

We set out late on the lazy Saturday afternoon of 6 October 2012.  We have already visited Bourton several times, it is one our favorite places in the Cotswolds.   It was sunny but still chilly.  The kids slept on the way to the village and we parked outside of the Edinburgh Woolen Mill shop for another 30 minutes to allow them to sleep a bit longer.  Sherrie and I took turns going through some shops while the kids were sleeping.

Once the kids woke up we walked through the small high-street.  The kids love this town.  They love running over the bridges, watching the ducks, and sitting by the river just enjoying the town.  It did not help that it was so close to dinner and every shop sells ice cream!

After walking down a street we had visited before we found the small China Town Restaurant (which also served Thai and Vietnamese cuisine).  Sherrie had a hankering for Ma Po Tofu.  But it was still early, only 4:40 and the restaurant, as many do, didn’t open until 5:00.

We walked the 30 yards to the riverfront and watched the ducks from the bridge.  I snapped a picture of the kids and some video while we were waiting.

Kids in Bourton

I walked into a shop to look around and came out to see them gone.  I looked around and saw them quickly walking up the promenade.  I followed and saw that they were headed to visit a couple of horses which had taken a break in the river next to a bridge – perfect height for the children!

The kids had a great time meeting the horses who were very friendly but were intently trying to eat their shoes 🙂

Meeting Bourton Horses

After about 10 minutes the horses decided it was time to move on and they walked on.  The kids were very excited.  We headed to the restaurant and had a great meal – better than we anticipated.  I had crispy szechuan beef and Sherrie got her Ma Po Tofu!  We shared with the kids who also ate some extra rice.  The staff at the restaurant was very friendly and loved the kids.  The kids walked away with lollipops.  A great outing.