Caltagirone Adventures

Sherrie and I love to take an afternoon ‘adventuring’ and exploring.  Many times we   play a simple game that we call “Choose Your Own Adventure” (obviously after the popular book series).

The game works like this: you drive towards an interesting destination (for instance we recently chose to drive towards Winchcombe, a Cotswold town we wanted to see more of).  Then you simply begin taking random roads (avoiding dead-ends) based on the width of the roads – the narrower and more deserted the better.  Sherrie and I lovingly call these roads “Sheep Roads” because they are usually used by shepherds moving the flock around various pastures.

Options: (1) You may also choose roads based on signs pointing to towns with funny sounding names, (2) try to get back home without assistance from GPS for additional exploring and familiarization.

Suggestions for greater success: (1) pack snacks (you never know how lost you will become), (2) turn off the GPS/SatNav (you can focus more on the scenery), (3) bring a GPS device to help you get home.

Not only is this a great way to familiarize but we continuously find interesting historical sites and new villages to explore.